47" VR Mat LeaderBoard VR eSports Edition Black

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Option to Personalize Your Mat


Choose the Add Your Logo button to make your Proximat as unique as you want 

Current Lead time on a custom Mat is 1-3 Days

Tips to make the best personalized mat  

  1. Pick the right size file:  Min width 1000px X min height 1000px
  2. What you see is what you get:  The file needs to have a transparent background.  (A file with a logo on a square white background will be printed with the white background, we  will not do any adjusting or modifying to your image)
  3. Fade to Black doesn't print well:  Logos/Image should be solid.  Transparencies, fading or "spray painting" of colors do not print well.  Your logo may look good on on the screen but it wont on your Proximat.
  4. Set your logo apart:  Dark gray and black lettering/images will get lost into the background of the mat color if they do not have an outline.  Make sure to outline dark colors.  
  5. No Stealing:  Your file cannot contain copyrighted material unless you are the copyright holder
  6. Keep it clean:  We can reject your logo or print for any reason.  Our product and name will be tied to this mat so if Grandma wouldn't approve of it, we won't print it.  
  7. Last but not least:  Use the preview to approve your personalized mat.  Custom Proximats are non returnable.  


Designed for Competition

The ProxiMat Leaderboard VR eSports Edition is designed for competition and is recommended for training and VR sporting events.  ProxiMat adds style and appeal to your VR game space and improves VR immersion by keeping you in your play area and away from objects or walls. The ProxiMat works seamlessly with all guardian and chaperone systems built into all major headsets.

Comfy Material Extends Playing Time

The Proximat is constructed with premium anti-fatigue foam. It's the same foam put under factory workers that stand for 8-10 hours that helps them from being tired and sore. At first step you'll see the foam is extremely comfortable under your feet, allowing you many hours of uninterrupted gameplay while reducing foot-fatigue and stiff joints. The ProxiMat's anti-fatigue foam is also non-porous on the top surface, allowing easy clean up if your ProxiMat happens to get dirty.

Patented Design

The unique design of The ProxiMat lends itself to keeping you and your surroundings safer without breaking immersion. The patented tactile buttons allow you to feel the center, corners and forward position of your VR playspace, keeping you in the game. And our premium 3/8" anti-fatigue foam keeps you on the ProxiMat, making it obvious when you've wandered too much in the virtual world.