Affiliate Terms

Effective May 29, 2024

ProxiMat is pleased to introduce its affiliate program, meticulously designed to support and incentivize a select group of influential content creators and influencers. This program aims to enhance the promotion and sales of ProxiMat products through targeted online platforms.

Please be advised that ProxiMat holds the exclusive right to accept or decline any application to our Affiliate Program at our discretion. In the event of an application rejection, please note that there are no legal avenues available for contesting this decision.

We have devoted significant effort to ensure that our affiliate program offers substantial benefits to our partners. Highlighted below are some of the key features we are proud to present:

1. A minimum cookie duration of 60 days: Visitors who access our site via your affiliate link will have a cookie placed on their computer, registering that they were referred by you. Should they make a purchase during their initial visit or in subsequent visits within 60 days, you will receive the corresponding commission.

2. Real-time reporting for affiliates: The affiliate portal will provide comprehensive and up-to-date data on purchases, commissions, payouts, and other pertinent details.

3. Commission rate: As an affiliate, you will earn up to a 10% commission on the sale of physical products. This rate excludes commissions on shipping and taxes, as these are not marked up from the rates provided by Zonos (for international sales) or the WebStore (for United States sales).

4. Discount for customers using your affiliate code: Your unique affiliate code entitles customers to a 10% discount on physical products purchased from the ProxiMat website.

5. Availability of promotional banners: You may utilize the provided banners or create your own, subject to the guidelines outlined in the termination clause of this agreement. Banners for various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others are available on the affiliate portal (

Commission Structure:

- Payments are issued on the first Monday of the month.
- Self-referrals are prohibited, and commissions will not be earned on personal purchases.
- Unlimited commission is available per referral within the 60-day cookie duration.
- Commissions are paid only on completed transactions. Chargebacks and refunds are not eligible for commission.
- Reporting income to the appropriate tax authorities is the responsibility of the affiliate.


Commission Cut for Affiliates:

- 0% on Clearance
- 5% on All Other Products
- 10% on All Customized Mats

(The customer will receive 10% off of their order with your code/link)

Program Termination:

Affiliation may be suspended or terminated for reasons including, but not limited to:

- Inappropriate advertising (false claims, misleading hyperlinks, etc.).
- Spamming activities.
- Promotion on sites with illegal content.
- Non-disclosure of affiliate relationships in endorsements, in violation of FTC guidelines or applicable laws.
- Unauthorized rebates, coupons, or kick-backs from commission.
- Self-referrals, fraudulent transactions, or suspected fraud.
- Mass coupon sites
- ProxiMat reserves the right to terminate any affiliate account for violations of this agreement or for any reason deemed necessary for the integrity of our marketing and promotional efforts.


ProxiMat is not liable for indirect or incidental damages related to affiliate tracking failures, data loss, or any harm intended towards our program or websites. No warranties are expressed or implied regarding the program or products sold. We are not responsible for any errors or interruptions in program operation.

Terms of Agreement:

This agreement is effective upon your acceptance into the program and terminates upon the deactivation of your affiliate account. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Continuation in the program following any modifications indicates your acceptance of these changes.


The affiliate agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ProxiMat, its officers, directors, employees, and authorized agents from any liabilities, damages, or costs arising from negligence, misrepresentation, or misconduct related to this Agreement.

Governing Law and Legal Fees:

This agreement is governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Ohio. Any disputes will be adjudicated exclusively in state courts in Summit County, Ohio. In legal proceedings to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to recover costs and legal fees.

Electronic Signatures:

Your acceptance of this Agreement through the ProxiMat Affiliate online application process constitutes an electronic signature, legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

We are committed to a mutually beneficial partnership and look forward to rewarding you for your contributions to the sales of ProxiMat products. Our goal is to compensate you for every sale generated through your efforts.


Direct all contact to:

Ryan Stamper