Colour Lotus Metta Meditation Mat - 35"

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Designed to be beautiful and complement mental health and wellness meditation apps, we have created the Metta Meditation mat. This is the Black Lotus version. This mat can also be used for non-vr meditation, it's designed to be a simple space for you to practice meditation. 

The material is similar to premium yoga mat material but designed for the seated meditation positions of full lotus, Burmese, and seiza. It is approximately 3/8" (9.5 mm) thick which we have found to be the perfect thickness. It is designed to give your tail perfect support without being too thin or too thick. 

The design is inspired by attracting the positive energies through each point of the lotus petal, channeling the positive energies through you, and back out into the world. 


Metta Meditation- manifests well being and happiness for yourself, to others, and to all beings. 

  • The word metta is derived from Pali language and refers to a mental state of unselfishness and unconditional kindness to all beings. 
  • metta in Buddhism is attributed as loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, amity, concord, inoffensiveness, and non-violence. 
  • Metta leads people to be kinder, more considerate, and more helpful.
  • Metta means to care and wish well for another being without judging them, to accept them independently of agreeing or disagreeing with them, and without wanting anything from them in return. 
  • It is energetic compassion that can overcome all social, religious, ethnic, political, and economic barriers. 


This is a three-part meditation.

Sit so that you are comfortable.

Begin by taking 2 to 3 deep breaths with a slower, longer, and complete exhale. 

Say silently to yourself or out our the following phrases. Allow yourself to feel the intention they express. As an aid to the meditation, hold the image of yourself, then a friend, and then a stranger or difficult person as you express these phrases. 

After some time spent directing loving-kindness towards yourself, recall a friend or someone in your life who has deeply cared for you. Then slowly repeat the phrases. As you say the phrases, allow the heart-felt meaning to sink into your body. For the final part, recall other friends, neighbors, acquaintances, strangers, and/or even people you have had difficulty with. 


May I feel protected and safe.
May I be content and grateful for my well-being.
May my physical body support me with strength.
May my life unfold with steadiness and ease.

May you feel protected and safe.
May you be content and grateful for your well-being.
May your physical body support you with strength.
May your life unfold with steadiness and ease.

May we feel protected and safe.
May we be content and grateful for their well-being.
May our physical body support us with strength.
May our lives unfold with steadiness and ease.


Take a pause, and repeat as you deem necessary. 


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