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Introducing the Proximat Space Station Theo – a 35" round virtual reality mat designed to elevate your VR experience. With its innovative design and practical features, the Space Station Theo ensures you stay centered within your virtual world while enjoying unparalleled comfort.


Key Features:

Compact and Stylish: The 35" round shape of the Space Station Theo provides a sleek and compact footprint, blending seamlessly into any room and adding a touch of modern flair to your VR setup.

Anti-Fatigue Bliss: Crafted from premium foam, Theo delivers exceptional anti-fatigue support, making long VR sessions a breeze. Stand, move, and explore with confidence, knowing discomfort is a thing of the past.

Physical Centerpiece: The round mat acts as a physical centerpiece, demarcating your safe play space with ease. Feel the center indicator and edges of the mat to know you're always aware of your position, preventing accidental collisions in the real world.

Immersive Aesthetics: The Space Station Theo boasts a futuristic design that enhances your overall VR setup. Dive into virtual reality without distractions, as the mat complements the immersive nature of the virtual worlds you explore.

Easy Maintenance: The durable surface of Theo is easy to clean, ensuring that your VR mat remains in top-notch condition. Wipe away spills and dust effortlessly with isopropyl alcohol, maintaining a clean and inviting play area.

Versatile Enjoyment: Beyond VR, the Space Station Theo serves as a versatile round mat for various activities such as gaming, yoga, or simply as an aesthetic addition to your living space.

Elevate your VR adventures with the Space Station Theo – where style meets functionality for an immersive and comfortable virtual reality experience.



Can you use it on all Floors? 

Proximats work best on clean hard floors.  The bottom of the mat has little suction cups that keeps it in place while you play.  If you play on rugs or carpet we have included velcro hooks to attach to the underside of you mat.  All carpets and rugs are different, so success varies.  While velcro hooks work for most users, we developed a 3D printable file you can download a carpet grabber for the extreme cases Download File

What Size Space Should You Have?

The Proximat Space Station is designed for play spaces larger than 6ft²(1.72m²) and up to 9ft²(2.7m²). If your play space is smaller than 6ft²(1.72m²), consider the Proximat Space Traveler!  If it is larger and you want a larger mat consider the Metaverse Portal.

US Patent #10,350,488


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