Setup and Using Your Proximat



For the best use of the mat, we recommend doing the following:

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Your Proximat has a small suction cup finish on the bottom of the mat to help it stay in place.  Make sure your floor and the bottom of the mat are clean ready for you to play.



Playing on carpet.

It is possible to use your Proximat on carpet but like most mats and rugs placed on carpet it's likely to move around the more you step on it.  To keep your Proximat from moving too quickly as you play, we have included velcro type "Hook" Coins that you can attach to the bottom of the mat. 

Adding Velcro to the Bottom of the Mat

For best adhesion clean the area you plan on attaching the hook coins with an alcohol swab then remove the backing from the coin and adhere to the mat surface to the cleaned surface area.

Please Note: Carpet/rug textures and thicknesses are vastly different so using these coins may have varying success in holding the mat in one place.  For increased safety check location throughout play session for movement and readjust as necessary. 



Playing on High Pile Carpet - 3D Printing Solution

If you have access to a 3D printer we have developed a STL file you can download and print.  

This process will require additional velcro to attached the 3D printed versions of the grabber to the bottom of mat.  Make sure you clean the mat with alcohol swabs at the locations where you plan on adding a carpet grabber.  Add as many as you like.  

Using both sides of velcro will allow you to remove the 3D printed discs when you would like to use on a hardwood floors or when you would like to roll up to store away.  You can use self adhesive velcro material in strips, coins or squares.  Whatever you have access to use that is 1.5"- 2" in size.        

   Download File*  



 Setting up Proximat in your Room 


Move all furniture as far to the sides as you can.

Set the Proximat in the center of your room with the center button of the mat in the direct center of your open area.




Face the front button towards a direction you want to create an awareness of forward. For Playstation VR PSVR, face the forward button towards the PSVR camera.

Make sure the Center button is in the center of your playspace.

Reposition (Reset) your view in VR while standing in the middle of the mat and facing the forward direction. 

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