Our Story

Welcome to ProxiMat, the home of innovative virtual reality mats, where safety, comfort, and customization converge to enhance your immersive VR experience.

Our journey began in 2016, sparked by the passion and vision of Tony Price, a VR enthusiast and a forward-thinking entrepreneur. Tony's love for virtual reality was tempered by a concern for safety - the risk posed to oneself and the surroundings while deeply engaged in VR. This led him to ponder a solution that would allow users to fully enjoy their virtual adventures without the worry of physical space limitations.

With his background in the industrial sector, Tony embarked on a mission to create a mat that would address these challenges. He delved into researching various materials and designs, and after extensive experimentation, the ProxiMat was born. Our flagship product is not just any mat; it's a carefully crafted, anti-fatigue foam mat that promises comfort even during prolonged VR sessions. The unique design features a center indicator and a forward direction marker, ingeniously guiding you to stay centered and oriented in your physical space while lost in virtual worlds.

But innovation didn't stop there. Post-launch, we recognized the potential to infuse personal expression into our products. Tony pioneered a technique to print vivid, attractive graphics on the mats, opening a realm of customization options. Whether you're a gamer, a fitness enthusiast, or a VR explorer, there's a ProxiMat that reflects your style.

Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of VR users led us to expand our range, offering various sizes and shapes to cater to every virtual reality player's preferences.

Today, ProxiMat stands as the world's leading virtual reality mat brand. While we've seen competitors emerge, ProxiMat remains unique in its commitment to customization, allowing each user to have a mat that's truly their own. Our dedication to quality, safety, and personalization has set us apart and will continue to drive our growth and innovation.

Join us on this exciting journey, as we continue to evolve, ensuring that your virtual reality experience is safe, comfortable, and uniquely yours. Welcome to ProxiMat – where every step in VR is a step in the right direction.