47 Inch Compass X-Large Mat for Virtual Reality

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Why Choose ProxiMat Compass? 

It's our largest mat at 47" Sq.  This mat is perfect for all VR games and has enough room for 360° fitness programs.   The Compass VR mat also includes easily removable center button which when removed provides a large area for yoga, meditating, stretching and floor exercise. 


Avoid the Step Up 

At 0.37" in thickness the Proximat VR Mat is constructed with premium anti-fatigue foam that is comfortable but also easy to step on and off without catching your foot on the edge.  This allows  you to focus on your game or fitness routine without worrying about stepping up or down from a piece of thick hard foam.  

Easy to Clean 

ProxiMat's material is non-porous on the top surface, allowing easy clean up if your ProxiMat happens to get dirty. 

Can you use it on all Floors? 

ProxiMats work best on clean hard floors.  If you play on rugs or carpet we have included velcro hooks to attach to the underside of you mat.  All carpets and rugs are different, so success varies.  While velcro hooks work for most users, we developed a 3D printable file you can download a carpet grabber for the extreme cases Download File




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