47" VR Yoga Mat

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A lightweight and travel-ready VR mat that doubles as a perfect space for exercise or yoga!


Our VR Yoga mat is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a soft and comfortable mat, whether you're doing your morning yoga, meditating at night to practice mindfulness, or you just want a low-profile play mat for your VR room!


Lightweight: Made from a low-profile and lightweight foam that makes it easy to fold up and put away or to take with you wherever you want to go.

Great for VR: Place in the middle of your room so you can keep one or both feet on the mat at all times to guarantee you won’t run into your surroundings.

Use as an Exercise Mat: Made from a thin, anti-fatigue foam that makes it perfect for yoga, meditation or other physical activities.

Perfect for Every Room: Comes in a 35" round version for smaller rooms and a 47" square version for larger rooms.

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