47" Compass

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Introducing our 47" Compass Mat – the perfect companion for an immersive and worry-free VR experience. Designed with both comfort and safety in mind, this square mat with slightly rounded corners serves as your virtual playground, helping you stay grounded within your safe play space.


Key Features:

Optimal Size: At 47" square, this mat provides ample room for movement while ensuring you remain well within the boundaries of your VR play area. The slightly rounded corners add a touch of sophistication to the design.

Anti-Fatigue Comfort: Made from high-quality, dense foam, this mat delivers superior anti-fatigue support, allowing you to stand for extended periods without discomfort. Say goodbye to sore feet during those lengthy VR gaming sessions.

Physical Guide for Boundaries: The mat serves as a physical boundary, delineating your safe play space. By feeling the edges of the mat, you'll always know your position in the room, preventing accidental collisions with furniture or walls.

Easy to Clean: The durable and easy-to-clean surface ensures that your VR mat stays in top condition. Simply use isopropyl alcohol to wipe away any dirt or spills to maintain a pristine play area.

Versatile Use: Beyond VR, this mat can also be used for various standing activities such as yoga, stretching, or as a general anti-fatigue mat in your workspace.

Upgrade your virtual reality setup with our 47" Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat – the perfect fusion of comfort, safety, and style. Immerse yourself in the virtual world without worry, and make every step in VR a confident and enjoyable one.
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